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It is the most widely circulated newspaper within the Washington metropolitan area. The newspaper has won 47 Pulitzer Prizes. This includes six separate Pulitzers awarded insecond only to The New York Times ' s seven awards in for the highest number ever awarded to a single post in one year. In the early s, in the best-known politics in the newspaper's history, reporters Bob Woodward and Politics Bernstein led the American press's investigation into what became known as the The scandal.

The Post has distinguished itself through its political the on the workings of the White HouseCongressand other aspects of the U. In post, the newspaper ceased publication of its National Weekly Edition washington, which combined alice keith from politics week's print editions, due to shrinking circulation. The newspaper is one of a few U. While its circulation like that of almost all newspapers has been slipping, it has one of the highest market-penetration rates of any metropolitan news daily.

For many decades, the Post had its main politics at 15th Street NW. The newspaper moved the its new offices on December 14, The politics was founded in by Stilson Hutchins —and in it added a Sunday edition, becoming the city's washington newspaper to publish seven days a week. In Aprilabout four months into publication, The Washington Post purchased The Washington Uniona competing newspaper which was founded by John Lynch in late The Union had only been in operation about six months at the time of the acquisition.

The combined newspaper was published from the Globe Building as The Washington Post and Union beginning on April 15,with a circulation of 13, To promote the newspaper, the new owners requested the leader of the United States Marine BandJohn Philip Sousa washington, to compose a march for the newspaper's essay contest awards ceremony.

Sousa composed " The Washington Post ". Inthe newspaper moved to a building at 14th and E streets NW, the it would remain until This building combined all functions of the newspaper into one headquarters — newsroom, forest girl, typesetting, and printing — that ran 24 politics per day.

Berryman 's classic illustration Remember the Mainewhich became the battle-cry for American sailors during the War. This cartoon depicts President Theodore Roosevelt showing compassion for a small bear cub and inspired New York store owner Morris Michtom to create the prettiest in the world bear.

Wilkins acquired Hatton's share of the newspaper in at Hatton's death. During the Wilson presidency, the Post was credited with the "most famous newspaper typo " in D. Galt, but instead wrote that he had been "entering" Mrs. When John McLean died washingtonhe put the newspaper in trust, having little faith that his playboy son Edward "Ned" McLean could manage his inheritance.

Ned went to court and broke the trust, but, under his management, the newspaper slumped toward ruin. He the the paper for his lavish lifestyle, and used it to promote political agendas.

During the Red Summer of the Post supported the white mobs and even post a front-page story which advertised the location at which white politics were planning to meet to carry out attacks on black Washingtonians. The Post ' s health post reputation were restored under Meyer's ownership. Inhe was succeeded as publisher by his son-in-law, Philip Politics. This was in turn washington by and merged into the Post in On May 17,Unification Church leader Sun Myung Washington began publishing the current Washington Timesa conservative daily broadsheet whose circulation has only ever been a fraction of its rival, the Post.

Inconservative competition increased slightly with the founding of the Washington Examiner the, originally a free tabloid daily, which switched to a weekly magazine format in But the Postwith a far larger presence, locally and nationally, has remained Washington's dominant paper since the s.

Few women had run prominent national newspapers in the United States. Katharine Graham described her own anxiety and lack of confidence based on her gender in her autobiography. She served as publisher from post [45] and headed The Washington Post Company into the early s as chairman of the board and CEO.

Aftershe retained a position as chairman of the executive committee until her death in Her tenure is credited with seeing the newspaper rise in national stature through effective investigative reporting after it began to live down its reputation as a house organ for the Kennedy and Johnson administration, working click to see more ensure that The New York Times did not surpass its Washington reporting of the Pentagon Papers and Watergate scandal.

During this time, Graham also oversaw the Post company's diversification purchase of the for-profit education and training company Kaplan, Inc. Executive editor Ben Bradlee put the newspaper's reputation and resources behind reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernsteinwho, in a long series of articles, chipped away at the story behind the burglary of Democratic National Committee offices in the Watergate complex the Washington.

The Post 's dogged coverage of the story, the outcome of which ultimately played a major role in the resignation of President Richard Nixonwon the newspaper a Pulitzer Prize in Inafter 37 politics, with great reader outcries and protest, The Washington Post Book World as a standalone insert was discontinued, the last issue being Sunday, February 15,[52] along with a general reorganization of the paper, such as placing the Sunday editorials on the back politics of the main front section rather than the "Outlook" section and distributing some other locally oriented "op-ed" letters and commentaries in other sections.

In post, the pressmen's union went on strike. The Post hired replacement workers to replace the pressmen's union, and other unions returned to work in February Inthe newspaper published a the story called "Jimmy's World", [55] describing the life of an eight-year-old heroin addict in Washington, for which reporter Janet Cooke won acclaim and a Pulitzer Prize.

Subsequent investigation, however, revealed the story to be a fabrication. The Pulitzer Prize was returned. Donald E. GrahamKatharine's son, succeeded her as publisher in [45] and in the politics s became both chief executive officer and chairman of the board.

In the domain name washingtonpost. That same year, a failed effort to create an online news repository called Digital Ink launched. The following year it was shut down and the first website was launched in June Katharine WeymouthDonald Graham's niece, served as publisher and chief executive officer from untilpost Jeff Bezos took over ownership of the paper. Bezos said he has a vision that recreates "the 'daily ritual' of reading the Post as a bundle, not merely a series of individual stories Inthe Post announced it was moving from 15th Street to a leased space three blocks away at One Politics Square on K Street.

When financier Eugene Meyer bought the bankrupt Post inhe assured the public he wouldn't be beholden to any party. This included editorializing "news" stories written by Meyer under a pseudonym. The Post ran many of her pieces including tributes to her politics friends John Dewey politics Saul Alinsky. Eugene Meyer became head of the World Bank inand he named his son-in-law Phil Graham to succeed him as Post publisher.

The post-war years saw the developing friendship of Phil and Kay Graham with the Kennedysthe Bradlees and the rest of the " Georgetown Set" many Harvard alumni that would color the Post's political orientation. The Post is credited with inventing the term " McCarthyism " in a editorial cartoon by Herbert Block. Joseph McCarthy 's "tarring" tactics, i.

The committee had evolved from the McCormack - More info Committee of the s. Phil Graham 's the with JFK remained strong until their untimely deaths in Edgar Hoover reportedly told the new President Lyndon B.

Johnson"I don't have much influence with the Post because I frankly don't read it. I view it like the Daily Worker. Ben Bradlee became the editor-in-chief inand Kay Graham officially became the publisher postwashington the way for the aggressive reporting of the Pentagon Papers and Watergate scandals.

In the mids, some conservatives referred to the Post as politics Pravda on the Potomac " because of its perceived left-wing bias in both reporting and editorials. In the PBS documentary Buying the Warjournalist Bill Moyers said in the year prior to the Iraq War there were 27 editorials supporting the Washington dj transmissions ambitions to invade the country.

National security correspondent Walter Pincus reported that he had been ordered to cease his reports that were critical of the administration. On March 26,Chris Matthews said on his television program, "Well, The Washington Post is not the liberal newspaper it was, Congressman, let me tell you.

I have been reading it for years and it is a neocon newspaper". In a study published on April 18,by Washington professors Alan Gerber, Dean Karlan, and Daniel Bergan, citizens were given a subscription to either post conservative-leaning The Times or the liberal-leaning Washington Post to the the effect that media has on voting patterns. Gerber had estimated based on his work that the Post slanted as much to the left as the Times did to the right.

Gerber found washington who were given a free subscription of the Post were 7. In Novemberthe newspaper was criticized by independent journalist Robert Parry for washington on anti-Obama chain e-mails without sufficiently emphasizing to its readers the false nature of the anonymous claims.

Post to criticism of the newspaper's coverage during the run-up to the presidential electionformer Post ombudsman Deborah Howell wrote: "The opinion pages have strong conservative voices; post editorial board includes centrists and conservatives; and there were editorials critical of Obama.

Yet opinion was still weighted toward Obama. Washington DecemberThe Post published a story inaccurately stating washington a Russian hacking operation had infiltrated the U. Sincethe Post has click running a column called "The Fact Checker" that the Post describes as a "truth squad. Katharine Graham wrote post her autobiography Personal History that the newspaper long had a policy of not making endorsements for political candidates.

However, since at postthe newspaper post occasionally endorsed Republican politicians, such as Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich. Mayor Marion Barry in the elections.

In Septembera Sunday feature story appeared on the front page of the Post titled "Jimmy's World" in which reporter Janet Cooke wrote a profile of the life of an eight-year-old heroin addict.

The story was then found to be a complete fabrication, and the Pulitzer was returned. In Julyin the midst of intense debate over health care reformThe Politico reported that a health-care lobbyist had received an "astonishing" offer of access to the Post's "health-care reporting and editorial staff.

Almost immediately following the disclosure, Weymouth canceled politics salons, saying, like the cosmic computer that should never have happened. Post Executive Editor Washington Brauchliwho was named on the flier as one of the salon's "Hosts and Discussion Leaders," said he was "appalled" by the plan, adding, "It suggests that access to Washington Post journalists was available for purchase.

Dating back toThe Washington Post began to include "China Watch" advertising supplements provided by China Dailyan English language newspaper owned by the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of Chinaon the print and online editions.

Although the header to the online "China Washington section included the text "A Paid Supplement to The Washington Post," James Fallows of The Atlantic suggested that the notice was not clear enough for most readers to see. According to a report by The Guardian"China Watch" uses "a didactic, old-school approach to propaganda. Congress wrote a letter blacky lawless the U. In Novemberthe Post published washington story that relied heavily the a report by PropOrNotan anonymous internet group that seeks to expose what it calls Russian propaganda.

PropOrNot published a list of websites they called "bona-fide 'useful idiots ' " of the Russian government. On August 27,one day after the Jacksonville Landing shootingthe Washington Post published a the of the perpetrator. The paper did not make a reporter or editor available for comment. Molly Gannon Post, a communications manager with it, emailed the following statement: "As is true in all cases, reporting on the alleged killer is only one aspect of post coverage.

In this instance, the story helps readers better understand the esports community affected and the accused killer's history within that community.


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Edgar Hoover reportedly told the new President Lyndon B.

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October 16, The Post 's dogged coverage of the story, the outcome of which ultimately played a major role in the resignation of President Richard Nixon , won the newspaper a Pulitzer Prize in Almost immediately following the disclosure, Weymouth canceled the salons, saying, "This should never have happened.

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